If one has no childhood memories, it may mean that that person does not have a life at all. Childhood memories stay with us like our true companions throughout our lives. Thus, I will share with you one bad memory and one good memory: a poor horse with a broken leg and my mom's smile due to my success is something I shall remember my whole life.

The day that the poor horse broke its leg is very vivid in my memory, even nowadays. The day was beautiful. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and I was sitting on my terrace reading my favourite book at that time, Cinderella. Suddenly, I heard neighbours' dogs barking loudly. I immediately knew that it was caused by that cute gipsy horse which often went past my house pulling loads of things for his master. I used to run out of my house and give him an apple, just to make his life a bit easier. However, just before I stood up to go out I heard that horrible noise, which was the sound of an animal that had been hurt. It was the sound of pain which was terrible and unbearable. When I came out, he was lying down on the ground. Out of fear and shock, I started crying. Screaming, I wanted to help the poor animal but I was too little. The next thing I knew is that my mother’s hands grabbed me. I found myself sitting in my room surrounded by my family who told me that everything was going to be OK with that poor animal. Somehow I knew that they were not telling me the truth. It seems to me that on that day I learnt what the burden of love and loss is.

Unlike this hurtful memory, there is one memorable experience that pointed my life into a certain direction. It was the day I got my first A and it was the very first day of school. Everybody was excited, both parents and children. We were all smiling, hugging and talking. Deep, inside, we felt that it was the beginning of something new and valuable, the beginning of a more spiritual, intellectual, mature, grown-up and complex life, of the whole new world unknown to an innocent child. After we had entered the classroom, we spent the whole class with our new teacher. I felt nervous but excited as well. Having said a couple of introductory lines, the teacher asked us what the most important thing at school was. Out of the blue I said, ‘Friendship.’ The teacher looked at me in surprise. She said loudly, ‘Bravo! You deserve an A in a broader and more vivid meaning, the true meaning of life.’ I felt so proud, but not as much as my mum when she heard the news.

Memories, especially childhood ones, are precious. Their vividness and clarity stick to our minds and hearts making us special and different. No matter how many new memories a person can save, the childhood memories are those which stay forever.