Bullying is the use of force on others. It can go from physical to mental harassment. Reasons for bullying can be different. The most common causes for bullying are: race, religion, gender, sexuality or ability. Bullying is usually done by a group, so special name for that is mobbing. Victims of those groups are called ‘’targets’’. I think that bullying is really a serious problem in today’s society. Nowadays, we have children who are molesters. How sick have we become when our children think that it is okay to torture those who are weaker than them? I am worried. However, molesters aren’t my only concern. Even a bigger problem is that many states don’t have services which can help, but even when they have, victims often choose not to talk about their problems. I am going to write about bullying in different contexts today. There are many types of bullying in this world: cyber-bullying, disability bullying, gay bullying, legal bullying, military bullying, prison bullying, school bullying, sexual bullying, workplace bullying, etc... I will write about three types of bullying that concern me most: cyber-bullying, gay bullying and school bullying. I hope that this speech will help you to understand how dangerous bullying can be and why you need help if you are a victim. I also hope that I will be capable to help those who need help.

I will start with cyber-bullying. I think that this type of bullying can be also the most dangerous bullying. Internet is useful, but sometimes it can be pretty unsafe. Just one photo can destroy your whole life. I will give an example of poor girl who was a victim of this kind of bullying. Her name was Amanda Todd. The tragic story of this girl began few years ago. During the video, which she had posted in September, Amanda talked about her experiences with molesters. When she was in the 7th Grade, she used the video chat to meet new people. Of course, she was paid compliments on her looks. She was a pretty girl, but I think that her new ‘’friends’’ didn’t compliment her because they thought so. I think that they saw in Amanda one naïve little girl whom they could use to manipulate her. One of these ‘’friends’’ convinced Amanda to show her breasts on camera. When that guy got what he wanted he started to blackmail Miss Todd. He threatened to expose her compromising photo to her friends, unless she put up a ‘’show’’ for him. Amanda said that during the following Christmas break, the police came into her house and informed her that the photo was all over the internet. At that moment she fell into deep depression. Her family decided to move to a new home, but Amanda still was not well and she started using drugs and alcohol. Next year, Amanda started being bullied again in her new school after a stranger from a video chat made her profile on Facebook with her topless photo as profile picture. Eventually, she changed school. Again, she was alone. She really needed someone, but once again she met the wrong person. She started dating an older guy and she was intimate with him, but later she found out that he had a girlfriend. Once again she was bullied by the girlfriend of this guy. She tried to kill herself, but she didn’t succeed in it. Amanda again was teased and tortured. She thought that she didn’t have any other choice and she hanged herself on October 10th, 2012.  Every time when I see her video on YouTube I start to cry. I wish I had been near her, I wish I could have helped her. Although, I couldn’t have helped Amanda, I want to help people with similar experiences. I want to say that you shouldn’t send compromising photos to the internet. No matter how much you trust someone, you cannot send compromising photos online. The guy or the girl who really loves you wouldn’t ask you for something like this. However, if you have already made this mistake, you have to stay strong and face consequences. Suicide is not a solution. I know that it is hard when people are pointing at you and laugh because of something that you did, but you can not let them get inside your head. My advice is to try not to listen to them. Commit yourself to something and ignore people who want to hurt you. When they see that they can’t harm you, they will stop. Some people won’t be happy until they’ve pushed you on the ground, but you need to get up and fight. Running away or hiding won’t help you. You have to be a fighter. That is what will help you. If you’ve made a mistake you need to be strong enough to correct this mistake. And believe me every mistake can be corrected if you really want it.
Next type of bullying that disturbs me is ”gay bullying”. Why? People tend to hate everything that is different from “normal”. I don’t see the point in this. If someone is a gay, that doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad person. LGBT population is usually one of the most bullied people, especially in their teen years. I am sorry to say that almost 50% of them commit suicide. Words are sharp like knives. They can hurt people more than anything. Words leave permanent consequences. One of my friends from elementary school was the victim of this type of bullying. My schoolmates gave him harsh time for two years. They were always saying him nasty things, they hid his school stuff, etc... But the interesting thing about my friend was that he never listened to them. He knew who he was and he didn’t care about opinions of others who weren’t important in his life. Now he is in secondary/high school and he is really happy there. He never gave up. So, my advice is to do the same thing that he has done, if you are the victim. Don’t listen to evil comments. Imagine one song every time some molesters are talking to you. Sing that song inside your mind and don’t pause it until molesters stop talking. Don’t eat yourself up because you’re different. You are special and your original yourself can’t be replaced, ever. So keep being you and one day you will accomplish something.
And last, but not the least is school bullying. School should be the safest place in the world, but often school is completely the opposite. The story about little Billie broke my heart. And once again I saw how cruel children can be. Billy was really insecure and lonely, he didn’t have friends. Things got even worse when his dad walked out. The other kids started bullying Billy, they gave him different names and they stole his money. They sent him texts and they threatened to hurt him. After that attacks started. Bullies were waiting for Billie every day. He tried to talk to people, but they didn’t listen to him. In the end he started playing truant and, eventually, he ran away from home. And where is he now? Nobody knows just because a group of kids decided to make Billie’s life miserable. When I start to think about these kids who have become molesters, I come only to one conclusion: someone had to make them cold, so they are torturing other people to feel better. The only advice I can give is: if they are cold you try not to be. If you let them hurt you, you’ll soon become as violent as they are. You have to break a circle of bullying. Look up on famous people who were bullied, like: Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Prince Harry Windsor, Michael Phelps, Christina Aguilera, Bill Clinton, Kate Winslet, Winona Ryder, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, etc… They all were victims and look at them now.
In conclusion, I have two messages. The first one is for victims. Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems. Ask for help, don’t destroy your life because someone gave you impression that you aren’t good enough. Sometimes you need to be very strong and tough, you need to get over it. Everything that hurts you has to make you stronger, not weaker. You need to light your own fire and let it burn no matter what happens. If they can’t damp down your fire, they can’t hurt you. My second message goes to those who are bullying. Is it funny? Do you feel good when you make someone cry, when you make someone commit suicide? Are you feeling good when your victim is begging you to stop and you won’t because you feel like you have control while torturing poor boys and girls. But, tell me what will you do if one day the person that you bullied is the only person who can help you? Next time when you torture someone just think what would you feel like if someone pushed you down every day of your life. It isn’t a good feeling, right?