When I regained my consciousness I found myself in the middle of the dark wood. Two roads diverged in front of me and I took the wrong one.
I was very scared and did not know what happened to me. I was walking alone down this road so I was very sceptic because the wood was really dark and I could hear soft voices which were calling my name and were telling me that I was going to die. I started running under the heavy branches of dark trees.

Then I slipped and rolled under the hill. When I stood up, I saw how small light was shining a long way from here. When I came near the light I saw a very old huge house something similar to a small castle. I made a decision to come in. I knocked on a big steel door. The door was opened but there was nobody inside. I came in and started to look around the rooms. I found a small room with a bed so I decided to stay and sleep over. Somehow around midnight I was woken up by a creepy scream so I got up with a start. I moved my bed and found a hidden door which I opened and there were some stairs. I came down the stairs but I got lost...
Now I am here, twenty years later... I cannot see anything, I cannot hear anything, and I do not feel anything. Am I dead? Why did I choose the wrong road? I am so confused.