My brother Nikola is one of my most favourite persons in the whole world.
He is twenty years old. He's very tall and very fit. He has hazel-brown eyes and short dark hair. The one thing that Nikola and I have in common is our nose because it is big. As for his personality, he is a smart, serious and very responsible person. He likes doing things on time and if he decides to do something he will do it for sure. He is stubborn and persistent. Physically he is very active and he spends a lot of time in gyms.

He graduated electro-technical high school and now he is at the Faculty or School of Electrical Engineering, the University of Novi Sad. He is not quite a good student but he passes all his exams successfully. He likes to spend a lot of time with his friends and goes out in the evening very often. He likes watching films very much, especially action movies.
We get along very well. Since he is my older brother he has always kept an eye on me. There are a lot of things we do together like going to gyms, watching films, going out... But there have also been rough things between us, although we have never hurt each other's feelings.
I remember one day when we were kids we played "catch me if you can". He chased me and I had to avoid him so that he could not touch me. He started walking towards me and I tripped and fell and hit my elbow on the freezer and broke my arm. However, he did not notice I had fallen so he kept playing. Next thing, I remember, he tripped and fell over me. He was laughing loudly while I was crying, because I had broken my arm. When he realized I was injured, he phoned our parents since we were alone at home. They took me to the emergency and my arm was in a cast for the following month. But it did not change anything between us.
We have always protected each other. Our parents do not know about many things he or I have or have not done.
My brother is one of the most important people in my life and I hope we will always remain as close as we