Dear Katarina,

Sorry I haven’t written for such a long time. I’ve been very busy studying for the tests and I also have to spend a lot of time at school. Thanks a lot for your letter. It was good to hear from you and to get all your news. I was interested in hearing about your plan for a book about people’s earliest memories. You’re certainly welcome to mine. I hope very much that you can use it.

I must have been about seven years old. One day my nine-year-old sister and I were at home alone. We were just sitting in the house, in our rooms, and we didn’t do anything special. Then out of nowhere two men knocked on the door. I went to check what was going on. These two men were really big and scary. They asked me if our parents were at home. I didn’t know what to say and I guess out of fear I told them, ‘No’. But before I realized it, my legs started shaking. I couldn’t say another word. They yelled at me from the outside, ‘Open the door!’ I called my elder sister who was still in her room. I started crying and I couldn’t move. My sister ran out of her room panicking. The two men were still there. One was wearing the very odd pink suit and the other one was wearing a big leather jacket. My sister warned them that she would call the police if they didn’t leave. They went back to their old rusty truck. We were watching together as they were driving around our house. Then we locked ourselves in one room but we heard a loud noise coming from the attic. My sister called our parents and they rushed back home from their work. When they came in, I was so happy to see them that I started crying again. They tried to calm me down but to no effect. They stayed at home for a week so that it wouldn’t happen again. Even today I can remember it vividly and I can also remember that thought that day that I could never forget it. Even today I feel afraid if I am at home alone.
Well, that’s all from me. Please write to me and let me know what you think about all this. I have to hurry now because it’s getting late and I have a lot of work to catch up on.