People sometimes get to the point of their lives when they stop thinking, they stop feeling. They think they cannot go any further and in some way they stop trying and give up. They also know somewhere deep, that, someday, everything will be okay and they keep that kind of hope in their hearts, but at that moment their heads have control over their hearts. Their minds keep telling them to think about what is affecting them at the moment, and they often lose any sense and stop thinking about what is waiting for them at the end of the road because they are too scared of the things that are affecting them right now.

There are around 7 billion people in this world. Assuming 20% of them are children, leaving us with only 80%. Among that number, at least, half of them have experienced pain. Whether that pain is physical or mental it was caused by something unexpected, something that was said or done by another person. It is the feeling that got inside of them in the moment of weakness when they were most vulnerable and it hit them where it hurts. I would like to point out at bullying because I think that it is the most common among young people. I would describe bullying as abuse of other people in any way no matter if it is done on purpose, causing someone’s physical pain, threating them or just making them feel bad by saying mean things to them repeatedly.
Bullying comes in many forms, for example: verbal, physical and cyber. People all over the world are bullied just because they are different and they are not what society thinks it is acceptable. They are told they are not good enough, and smart enough. They are being judged by the way they think, look, the way they dress, their sexuality, nationality or race. They are being picked on and stepped on because of standards society made up. Those people made us believe that they are perfectly shaped society and they are no less than perfect by themselves. They make people question their own existence and they push them far enough so that they may become ready to pay any price just to make it stop, even if it means giving their soul completely to the devil. They make them doubt the world and eventually themselves. They make them see themselves in a different light. I would like to explain that light by the name of the “shattered sight disorder”. As far as I know such thing does not exist, but it is the name I heard in a television show I watch and I find it fitting for this written task. In the show it represents the curse that was cast over a small town full of different people. The curse affected them all except a few people that the villain found suitable enough to join her. Under the influence of the curse everyone saw only the worst in each other and themselves. My point is that the villain was ready to sacrifice the whole town just so she could make herself feel better about her own insecurities. The only thing that distinguishes that show from the real world is the fact that in our world there are much more villains and they sometimes win, too.  They make people feel worthless just so they can build their ego. That’s why I chose that little detail to represent the meaning of this text, because a lot of people see only the worst in themselves because of what is done to them. Once a villain implants that thought into their victims’ heads, they automatically believe them and they start thinking it is something that everybody thinks and it makes them see something that is not really there.
People all over the world are fighting these battles and they have to keep fighting and they have to stand up for themselves, but we have to fight for them as well. They are going to win those battles eventually and get to the light at the end of the tunnel and win. As for the bad people, they will fall one day and I know it because karma is a strange and amazing thing that has a habit of coming back around when it is most unexpected.
Life is more than we see, less than we want, more complicated that we can understand, and way too much than we can handle, but despite that we can get through anything as long as we stand together. And remember: “A lie told enough times becomes the truth,” but only if you let it.