The thing I’m concerned about at the moment is addiction to alcohol among young people. I want to talk about high school students who start drinking very early and problems that emerge later due to this.
I’ve always been interested in reasons why my friends drink so often, so I’ve decided to try it myself. I watch my friends who enjoy drinking alcohol at weekends when we go out and they seem to enjoy it very much. When I tried beer for the first time it was so bitter that I couldn’t finish the bottle. Then I tried some brandy thinking it might taste better, but it was even worse. At that point I started my personal survey on enjoying alcohol among young people.

90% of my friends, when I asked them if they liked the taste of the drinks they seemed to enjoy, answered that they didn’t. When they were asked why they drank something that they didn’t like, everybody explained that it helped them be more cheerful and relaxed. They also felt more as the part of the world of the grown-ups. In addition, I recently read a study on the Internet which revealed that 50% of these harmless weekend drunkards would become seriously addicted to alcohol.
I have two more concerns. Firstly, I worry about young drivers who drink and drive a car and doing that they endanger their own lives, as well as other people’s lives. The other day I read in a newspaper that, last year, 500 people at the age of 20 to 25 died in car accidents caused by drunk-drivers. Secondly, most family abuses are caused by a drunkenmember of the family, in most cases by a male member. Drunken husbands can be enormously aggressive towards their wives and children who are much weaker and innocent.
Finally, I’d like to say that I understand that consuming alcohol is somehow the accepted social behaviour and even habit especially on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and a number of parties. However, we should be aware of the fact that what seems harmless in the beginning can turn out to be a serious personal and social problem later. My message to my peers is to be careful and try to keep drinking under control.