Of all causes for concern, I have decided to discuss one that, unfortunately, receives little attention. That is the state of education in our country. It is faced with serious issues at all levels.
Primarily, I would like to stress the importance of education for every society. Historically, we have always lagged behind other European countries, because of our lack of investment in knowledge. Ironically, we have always been a nation filled with gifted individuals. Sadly, abilities of these talented people either remain unused, or are being used by other countries. Education is directly correlated to countries' wealth and well being. Our lack of it is the main cause of our low standard of living.

As I noted earlier, education in our country is faced with numerous issues. For instance, primary education should, in my opinion, consist of much more than just lectures and tests. Its main goals should be to teach students proper behaviour and give them a sense of responsibility they should have. Unfortunately, neither is the case here. Teachers in elementary schools are constantly lowering their standards, requesting less work from students. As a result, students do not develop regular learning and/or studying habits, as they grow older. On the other hand, disrespect towards teachers is the main problem, when it comes to secondary education. Furthermore, teenage hormone imbalances and a lack of parent and teacher authority are a toxic combination. Tertiary education is in an era of diploma inflation. We have never had a higher university enrollment rate, yet its quality has probably never been lower. Widespread corruption is the principle cause of it, and may eventually make higher education worthless. Teachers, of course, have their share of responsibility for this situation. However, our government is also repsonsible, because it does not take necessary reforms and is also responsible for the poor material status of teachers.
Finally, I honestly believe we are a society able to improve the quality of education and therefore our lives in general. Lack of motivation is masking the great potential my generation has. If that potential never sees the light of the day, our country will continue to be poor and backward, which is my greatest fear.