Every person has his favourite place where he or she likes to relax and to spend some time. I also have my favourite place where I feel comfortable.
The place where I like to go every day is the quay by the Danube River. I go there to hang out with friends and to practise rowing. Being on the water is very relaxing for me so I like all water sports. My practice lasts for about two hours and it is mostly outside, on the water, no matter how bad the weather is.

The best practice time for me is in the morning because the river is the calmest then. We usually row in a boat with eight seats, and I sometimes row alone. The Danube River, here in Novi Sad, is the most beautiful early in the morning probably because it is very calm and there is no much traffic. While I am rowing I can see on my left side the Štrand Beach, The Fishing Island with a lot of cafés on the water. After the Fishing Island there is one spot, where there is a little bit dangerous so I have to be careful because that part of the Danube is full of whirls. When I pass that place I see Kamenjar, a place withmany houses where people come to rest. After Kamenjar there is a place with a lot of sand where I turn my boat and then a place Ledinci is on my left side now. This side of the Danube is also very beautiful. On the way back the boat goes much faster because the Danube is down stream. The last place I pass is Kamenica and after that my practice is over.
In conclusion, water has an effect on people that keep them more positive, much calmer and more relaxing. It has the same effect on me