To be a victim of bullying can be a very traumatic experience, but can also make you stronger.
Years passed since both the victim of bullying and the bully had attended the middle school. The victim’s name was Roger and the bully’s name was Tony. Tony used to push Roger against the lockers, to make fun of his big ears and to make fun of him because he lived in an orphanage.

Roger was sitting at a table in a booth of the typical American diner when a woman who turned out to be Tony’s wife approached him. She asked him whether he remembered Tony but he couldn’t remember him at first. Then after a while he remembered everything. He looked over to Tony who was now in a wheelchair. Tony was having trouble getting into his van and Roger came to help him. They had a short talk about the bullying days and Roger ended up giving Tony his card and told him that if he called, they would do lunch. After all they ended up as friends.
In my opinion Roger did very well offering Tony help. Tony realised that he was in a bad condition, weak and without ability to change a thing. He noticed that Roger could be that big burly guy who could be mean as he used to be and who could torment him. But he didn’t. In contrast to that, he gave him a hand, to stand up, something that Roger always needed back then during the middle school days. However, Tony now has a family, a wife who loves him dearly, but Roger didn’t have anyone back then when he was bullied, nobody who would have defended him, no one who would have stood by him. Roger cannot erase that feeling and he knows still very well how it is to be a victim of bullying. Finally, I am glad that they can become friends now, though it opens the new issue, which is set under the surface of the plot, and that is alienation in a society.
In the end, The Bully tells us how it is like to be the bully and the victim of the bullying. If one likes to humiliate people, that person should be prepared for the worst.