Dear Miloš,

I know that you will never get this letter, but I must write it down. So I am going to pretend that you are reading this letter right now in front of me.
We were about fifteen. It wasn’t so long ago. We were outside at the football field, having a whale of time that day. I can remember every single detail about it and I know I shall never forget it. We were playing football. There were about fifteen or twenty of us and your team won that day. Milan and I were so angry because we didn’t win, but, our anger didn’t last long, fortunately. After that we bought a crate of beers and we were laughing so hard under the neighbour’s window that he threw eggs at us. However, we didn’t care about it because we were extremely happy.

The girls brought us a bottle of wine, and you and I took it all for ourselves. We were so drunk that we started cracking jokes about all of them our friends and peers, especially about Marko’s girlfriend Dajana, she was really offended. We went too far, didn’t we? But it all ended well, and it turned out to be a funny story. I don’t know whether I apologised or not, moreover, I felt strange about it, but she is not cross with me any longer so I guess it all turned out quite well. Anyway, that was the first time that I got drunk in my entire life, and I am so glad it was with you ... because we are never going to get the chance to play football again or to get drunk or to do anything together again because you are gone. Two months have passed now since the accident happened and I can tell you that I hate motorbikes, I hate them so much. It’s both happy and sad to remember all of the things that we’ve been through together, but it is how it is.
I just want to tell you that I am so grateful to you that you were a part of my life. You were my best friend, you still are and you’ll always be. I will love you forever.